Quadraspire Q4 Wall Bracket

Quadraspire Q4 Wall Bracket

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RRP $600

How and why Quadraspire furniture makes your HiFi sound even better

What you place your HiFi on will affect its performance. Placing your HiFi on a Quadraspire original HiFi rack will help reduce resonance, lower the noise floor and open the soundstage to make your HiFi sound even better.

Q4 Evo Original HiFi Shelf
Quadraspire made in Britain
Made in Britain

Engineered for sound

Our HiFi rack designs avoid parallel lines
Avoid Parallel Lines

Parallel lines on rectangular shelves encourage resonance which can distort sound. where possible we avoid parallel lines in the same way as most musical instrument designs.

Intricate Machining on our Q4 Evo HiFi Racks
Intricate Machining

The shelves on our racks are machined to reduce any resonance, lowering the noise floor and opening the sound stage whilst also improving sound quality and performance.

Q4 Evo HiFi shelf with chamfered edges
Chamfered Edges

The edges on all of our shelves are chamfered to help dissipate energy and help improve sound.

Only solid aluminium columns used for our HiFi racks
Solid Aluminium Columns

Steel tube can resonate and distort sound. Aluminium has much less resonance so we use it instead for all of our columns and feet.

Quality bamboo ply used for our HiFi racks
Solid Bamboo Ply

Some materials like glass resonate and distort the sound of your system. As a result of extensive testing of different materials we use solid bamboo ply which suppresses vibrations and is also carbon neutral.

Bronze upgrade for Quadraspire HiFi racks
Bronze Upgrade

It’s no coincidence that a lot of musical instruments use brass and bronze. Our research and design found that bronze and brass are good materials for reducing resonance so we developed a bronze upgrade for all of our racks.


Q4 Evo HiFi Shelf Specifications
Q4 Evo

Weight limit 80kg(175lb) per shelf

Q4 Evo Wall Bracket Specifications
Q4 Evo Wall Bracket

Weight limit 50kg(110lb)

Q4 EVO wall bracket specifications
Q4L Evo

Weight limit 80kg(175lb) per shelf

Q4L Evo Wall Bracket Specifications
Q4L Evo Wall Bracket

Weight limit 50kg(110lb)

Performance HiFi Rack Finishes

Black, Dark, Cherry & Natural
bamboo finishes

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