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PMC fact8 signature Upgrade Kit

PMC fact8 signature Upgrade Kit

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Fact.8 Signature Crossover Upgrade
The signature crossover upgrade elevates the performance of the original fact.8 design to the next level with even greater levels of lifelike detail.

PMC's engineers extensively researched the effects of component type, construction, and their impact on audio performance. Hours of comparative measurement and double-blind listening tests of the most sensitive components within crossover circuits led to fenestria being fitted with the best British-made capacitors and German resistors that eliminate parasitic inductance.

These technologies were trickled down to the fact signature series, resulting in newly designed crossovers mounted on military-grade circuit boards, populated with the same key, hand selected components employed in the fenestria, with the positioning of each element carefully calculated to minimise unwanted interference. Each crossover is tuned to provide optimum system performance with improvements in the resolution of micro details, soundstage presentation, and an increased tangibility in the critical midrange/vocal region.

If you are an owner of the original fact.8, take them to your local PMC retailer and request an upgrade to elevate the speakers' performance to signature status.

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