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Esprit Lumina RCA Interconnect

Esprit Lumina RCA Interconnect

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Through uncompromising design and extremely sophisticated, time-consuming hand assembly, Lumina cables define the qualities of sound reproduction to perfection. They feature the finest connectors ever designed by Esprit, with thick, pure silver plating. The dynamic range, uninhibited musicality and unprecedented detail revealed by the Lumina 's transparency make it such a powerful emotional vehicle that your entire music collection will be rediscovered. Every attack, every silence, and the perfect melodic follow-through delineate a hitherto unsuspected musical scene, to give you an incredibly captivating experience. Lumina cables are simply designed to be the best audiophile connections available, to enhance the very highest quality systems without distorting them, revealing their true potential.


No. of strands: 810 / 180
Conductor Structure: Symmetrical
Dielectric Structure: Asymmetrical twist
Insulation: Triple Insulation on Air
Shielding: Partial Screen on air
Connectors: EH200 Esprit Connectors
Plating: 20 microns Silver / Pure copper and brass multiplayer plating

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