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Esprit Kappa Speaker Cable

Esprit Kappa Speaker Cable

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By extending the basic concepts specific to Esprit , but by applying triple insulation on air and doubling the conductors on the speaker cables, now arranged in asymmetrical twists, the models in the Kappa range push the cursor even further far. You will discover this when listening by their ability to lift the veil a little more on the musical performance, for impressive sound realism, while retaining rare qualities of softness and finesse. The emotion then becomes immediate, thanks to an obvious naturalness and dynamic capabilities previously reserved for the most elite products, but here much more accessible and signed Esprit.


  • 720 pure copper strands / 0.08
  • Symmetrical electrical structure
  • Twisted asymmetric dielectric
  • Air insulation
  • Partial screen on air
  • Esprit connectors
  • 20 micron multi-layer copper/silver plating
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