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Esprit Eureka RCA Interconnect

Esprit Eureka RCA Interconnect

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With EurekaEsprit has once again bridged the gap between the sensations experienced at a concert and listening to a high-fidelity system of the highest level, where each element is in perfect harmony with the others. More than the sum of all its technical qualities, it is the passion and the time spent on its development that make it so valuable. Long speeches are useless on its impressive qualities of dynamics, transparency close to effacement, grain and tessitura of an incomparable naturalness. I have finally found the ultimate cable, where any listening experience immersed in a completely musical bath receives a boost of soul equivalent to the emotion generated.


  • 810 pure copper strands / 180
  • Symmetrical electrical structure
  • Twisted asymmetric dielectric
  • Polarisation
  • Triple isolation sur air
  • Partial screen on air
  • Esprit EH200 connectors
  • 20 micron multi-layer copper/silver plating
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