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Esprit Eterna RCA Interconnect

Esprit Eterna RCA Interconnect

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RRP $1999 - $4099

True references in the field of high fidelity for their performance/price ratio, the cables of the Eterna range preserve the slightest detail of the musical message and reveal a richness of sound that meets the highest audiophile demands. Their unprecedented realism and naturalness convey the emotion of music with unparalleled mastery. This successful line applies the well thought-out but highly effective recipes developed by Esprit, such as the 9V battery polarisation of the insulation, the silver-plated 5N copper shielding, the connectors with silver-plated contacts up to 40 microns, or the quality of the high purity long crystal oxygen-free 6N copper. You won't find another equivalent in this price range that is as technically proficient and musically talented.


No. of strands: 720 in 0,08
Conductor Structure: Symmetrical
Dielectric Structure: Asymmetrical twist
Insulation: Triple Insulation on Air
Shielding: Partial Screen on air
Connectors: EH50 Esprit Connectors
Plating: 10 microns Silver / Pure copper and brass multiplayer plating

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