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Esprit Celesta XLR Interconnect

Esprit Celesta XLR Interconnect

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In addition to all the other features of the Kappa line, the Celesta modulation here adopts the two unbalanced twists, while the number of strands is almost doubled on the speaker cable, and above all this range has access to the high quality EH100 RCA plugs, with 10 micron copper/silver multilayer plating. The banana connectors are pure silver and the forks are 40 micron silver plated copper. The result is a dramatic increase in detail and small-signal quality, where the pure, rhythmic musical message is as if unencumbered. Rekindle your passion for music by discovering new musical emotions with the entire Celesta line.


  • Strands 0.19
  • Symmetrical electrical structure
  • Twisted asymmetric dielectric
  • Partial screen
  • Esprit connectors
  • Silver plating on pure copper
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