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Esprit Beta Phono Cable

Esprit Beta Phono Cable

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RRP $599 - $769

With the addition of air insulators and partial screens, the Beta line cables achieve exceptional sound reproduction quality, offering purity and stability of the musical signal unmatched, even by many high-end audiophile models. The Beta nevertheless remains very accessible, but the details of presentation and the quality of its components truly place it at a higher level, especially when listening, hence its growing success. They designate themselves as ideal connections for affordable systems, ensuring you make the right choice.


Available in RCA/RCA

  • Symmetrical electrical structure
  • Asymmetric dielectric
  • Full screen
  • Esprit EH50 Connectors / Esprit Connectors
  • 5 micron multi-layer copper/silver plating/DIN connector with silver phosphor bronze contact
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