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Esprit Aura RCA Interconnect

Esprit Aura RCA Interconnect

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RRP $2999-$6899

Aura cables push the limits of your hi-fi system with the ever superior refinement of Esprit solutions, including meticulous attention to good isolation and noise reduction across the entire bandwidth, thanks to dual polarisation. The Aura 's sound image is overwhelmingly natural and rich, and you are instantly connected to the music as every emotion intended by the artist is experienced for the first time. The Aura range belongs to a higher class of truly premium, yet affordable, products that enhance the very highest quality systems without distorting them.


No. of strands: 720 in 0,08
Conductor Structure: Symmetrical
Dielectric Structure: Asymmetrical twist
Insulation: Triple Insulation on Air
Shielding: Partial Screen on air
Connectors: EH100 Esprit Connectors
Plating: 10 microns Silver / Pure copper and brass multiplayer plating

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