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Esprit Alpha RCA Interconnect

Esprit Alpha RCA Interconnect

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RRP $299 - $599

It's our entry-level model, but it inherits the technologies that Esprit has developed since its inception. We've put all our love into the Alpha model to allow you to discover a musical universe of richness and transparency, while remaining within the reach of music lovers who are demanding with their high-fidelity system, but who want to spend a moderate budget on cables. Whether it's the quality of the copper, the quality of the 5 micron copper/silver plated connectors or the quality of the finish, this is already an Esprit in its own right, carefully assembled, and certainly the first step towards the higher Esprit range.


No. of strands: 720 in 0,08
Conductor Structure: Symmetrical
Dielectric Structure: Asymmetrical
Shielding: Partial Screen
Connectors: EH50 Esprit Connectors
Plating: 5 microns Silver / Pure copper and brass multiplayer plating

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