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Esoteric Grandioso T1 Turntable

Esoteric Grandioso T1 Turntable

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A new undertaking to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Esoteric legacy;
it’s the first-ever turntable in our history.

Grandioso T1
Grandioso T1

The Esoteric MagneDrive System (Japan Patent No. 6501130)
is a non-contact turntable drive system employing magnetic force for rotation.
In order to achieve the philosophy of "Realization of Master Sound in analog playback",
it took more than five years from the start of the project
to the acquisition of the patent and its commercialization.

A "Magnetic Driver" shaped like an idler is mounted at the end of the drive motor.
Its sides are magnetized so that the S and N poles are aligned alternately.
The platter itself is non-magnetic aluminum, but a soft-iron "Induction Wheel"
shaped like a strobe is mounted on the bottom of the side opposite the driver
and is magnetized. As the magnetic driver rotates near the turntable,
the platters to rotate synchronously, smoothly, and without contact,
thanks to magnetic force.

Newly Developed Contact-Free Drive Mechanism

Grandioso T1

Japan Patent No. 6501130

Grandioso T1

The principle of rotational operation by magnet and teeth

Grandioso T1
The position shown in the above is stable and becomes stationary. (The yellow dashed line is the magnetic flux)
Grandioso T1
The magnetic flux tries to form the shortest magnetic path through this curved section.
As the magnet rotates, the magnetic flux flowing through the wheel tries to return to the stable point, causing the wheel to rotate. This is the transmitted torque.


Grandioso T1

Extremely quiet rotation

For vinyl record playback, which picks up vibrations from record grooves on the order of microns
and converts them into audio signals, the elimination of vibrations generated by motors
is essential for master sound reproduction.
The Esoteric MagneDrive System is free from motor vibration by making the power transmission
from the motor to the platter non-contact, thus obtaining a crystal clear sound.

Grandioso T1 

Platter with Magne-Float system

The platter is a high-mass design of 19kg machined from aluminum block.
The Magne-Float system reduces the load on the bearing to approximately 4kg,
and contributes to quiet rotation by achieving both silky-smooth rotation
with high rotational inertia and reduced friction level in an ideal manner. In addition,
inverted bearings are employed to bring the fulcrum of the platter closer
to the surface of the vinyl disc and increase the stability of rotation.

The platter surface, which is focused on beautiful appearance,
is carefully finished one-by-one by skilled craftsmen in the final process
to increase surface smoothness and create a beautiful spin pattern that resembles craftwork.

Grandioso T1 

Accurate synchronous rotation

Along with the non-contact vibration isolation, one of the greatest advantages
of the MagneDrive mechanism is the precise rotational accuracy of the platter.
Magnetic driver and platter, – these two components, like two gears of different sizes,
always rotate precisely in a constant ratio.

As long as magnetic synchronization is maintained, there are no speed fluctuations
and no factors that can cause speed deviations, such as belt stretch,
idler or pulley mechanical accuracy, and so on.

Since this mechanism follows the one and only law of physics "reduction ratio" (gear ratio in gears) of the two components, the platter maintains a constant and accurate speed of rotation in any conditions. To maxmize this beauty of the mechanism, the rotation speed is regulated by directly controlling the current waveform of the motor with a high-precision processor, instead of using a conventional servo to correct the platter rotation, resulting in a natural sound free from the fluctuation that is often associated with loop correction. 

Grandioso T1 

A motor unit incorporating the best of Esoteric technology

The motor unit, which controls the precise rotation of the magnetic driver, is the culmination of Esoteric’s accumulated mechanical and circuit engineering expertise.
The motor unit is isolated from the main unit and thoroughly controlled by mounting on a heavyweight 6mm-thick brass bottom chassis. The motor driver circuit uses a high-precision 10MHz clock to accurately generate the drive waveforms that drive the motors. Furthermore, by supplying extremely pure DC from an independent
power supply unit, the transmission of unwanted vibrations to the motor unit is minimized.

Grandioso T1

10MHz master clock sync ready

The motor unit is equipped with an external 10MHz clock input. Sound quality can be
further upgraded by connecting the Grandioso G1X master clock generator (sold separately) to supply a higher precision clock to the motor driver.

Drive torque adjustment by micrometer

Direct drive, idler drive, and belt drive... The MagneDrive system is the ideal drive mechanism that combines the advantages of direct/idler drive, with its powerful and accurate pitch, while maintains smooth rotation of belt drive, and flexibility
in tone adjustment on top of these advanteges.

By turning the micrometer dial on the front of the motor unit, the distance
between the motor driver and platter (transmission torque) can be changed to adjust
the sound to your preference, from powerful to soft tones, while listening to music.

Grandioso T1

Relation between distance and drive torque

Since magnetic force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, a very small change in distance can drastically change the transmission torque. When the driver and platter are farthest apart (+1.0mm), the torque is reduced to –57%, and the transmission torque can be changed precisely and freely while playing with the micrometer dial.

Grandioso T1


More advanteges...

Unlike other turntable mechanisms, the MagneDrive system eliminates
replacement of a drive belt, and minimizes maintenance thanks to reduced wear-out parts, making ensure long-lasting high quality sound.

Elegance in Performance

Toward the one and only our design goal of "Reproducing the Master Sound,"
the T1 chassis optimally controls all vibrations that affect sound quality.
The T1 chassis is mechanically engineered like an F1 racing car, with the balance between rigidity and flexibility pushed to the limit.
The elegant and clean form is a testament to its high degree of perfection.

 3-layer chassis made of aluminum and wood

The gracefully curved, fascinating chassis is the culmination of Esoteric’s
tradition of mechanical engineering. A triple layer of wood sandwiched
between thick aluminum layers is employed.
The tone arm is mounted on the top layer, and the spindle assembly and isolation feet
are mounted on the bottom layer. A wood layer (mid-chassis) with high internal loss
is configured in between them to prevent mutual vibration transmission between the tone arm and platter, resulting in a crystal clear sound quality.

The wooden mid-chassis not only isolates vibration, but also gives the T1 the ability
to express music with excellent tonal balance, reminiscent of the original master tapes,
thanks to the rich mid and low frequency range of the material.


Beautiful high gloss piano finish mid chassis

The wooden mid-chassis has a high-gloss piano finish that has undergone multiple layers
of painting and polishing processes. We wanted the highest level of texture befitting
an innovative turntable. The surface is as smooth as wet, a glossy, jet-black luster without glare. Organic as if crafted, the depth of its appearance contrasts dynamically with the functional, industrial aluminum layers of modern architecture, further enhancing the pleasure of owning the T1.

Isolation foot with special damper structure

Esoteric’s isolation foot employs a hybrid structure of coil springs and special damper resin, which is extremely effective for very low frequencies and has a short damping time (approximately 0.5 seconds), providing extremely superior vibration isolation capability, while a conventional floating turntable with a coil spring system is very effective in blocking very low frequencies that cause feedback, but it takes a certain amount of time for vibration damping.

Characteristic of the Hybrid Isolation Foot

Grandioso T1
The Esoteric hybrid damper stops vibration after a damping time of about 0.5 seconds (about half cycle amplitude).
Grandioso T1
While conventional coil springs and rubber dampers have difficulty absorbing vibration
at certain frequencies (speed of vibration) and linger for a long time, Esoteric hybrid dampers can easily absorb and converge vibration for a wide range of shaking.


Elegance in Performance

Equipped with dynamic balanced tone arm TA-9D.

Armless configuration is available.

The TA-9D is based on IKEDA Sound Labs.’ IT-345, which is in the vein of Fidelity Research’s famous FR-64 that has been highly acclaimed worldwide since the heyday of analog audio.
The TA-9D employs a dynamic balance system that is resistant to eccentricity
and warping of records and enables stable reading. The dynamic balance system has
a low center of gravity and a thick core tone, while the stainless steel tone arm pipe inlaid with brass and aluminum increases rigidity and optimize vibration modes.
Internal wiring is made of 6N (99.9999%) +4N high-purity hybrid copper wire,
and the VTA elevation allows the height of the arm (VTA) to be adjusted while playing back records.

T1 is also available in armless (AL) configuration, so that customers can choose arms of their own choice.
In addition, up to three arms* can be added with the optional arm base kit.

Grandioso T1

* The TA-9D can have up to two additional arms (maximum of two arms), excluding the arm post on the front left side.

Arm Base Kit (sold separately)

Grandioso T1

(The AB-T1SM1 is shown.)

Standard included items in the Arm Base Kit
  • Arm Board × 1
  • Arm Post × 1
  • Thumb screw for the Arm Post × 1
  • Fixing screw × 3
* The Grandioso T1 can accommodates up to three tone arms by using the Arm base kit.
* The position of arm posts and the number of arms to be installed may be restricted due to the shape of the arm mounting section, etc. Please contact our authorized distributors if you plan to install arm(s) from other manufacturers.
*An optional arm base kit is required on the arm-less model. If you do not see it in the list of compatible tone arm, custom design order is available.


Power supply unit for motor

The power supply unit for the motor is isolated from the motor and supplies
extremely clean and powerful current. A dedicated over-sized toroidal power transformer
is accommodated in a separated unit. The power supply for the operation is driven
by an R-core power transformer separate from that for the motor.
The enclosure, which requires rigidity, is made of aluminum and is thoroughly non-resonant, while, the top panel, which needs to be free of vibration for an open sound,
has a semi-floating structure, and the isolation feet with a special structure reduce
mechanical stress and improves sound quality.

Grandioso T1


Turntable Sheet

The turntable sheet is selected from a variety of materials after extensive listening tests
in order to eliminate any coloration of the T1’s tone and to pursue a function
to protect the precious vikyl disc surface from scratches.
In combination with the T1, a sheet of "WASHI", a traditional Japanese paper material
with the most neutral tone is employed.

Grandioso T1

Spec description

Turntable section  
Rotation speed 33 ⅓ rpm、45 rpm
Rotation speed adjustment range ±12% (0.1% step)
Wow and flutters 0.06% or less (W.R.M.S)
Clock input  
Connector BNC × 1
Input impedance 50Ω
Input frequency 10MHz (±10ppm)
Input level 0.5 to 1.0Vrms (sine wave)
Tone arm section (TA-9D)  
Type Dynamic balance
Overall length 326mm
Effective length 245mm
Distance between tone arm axis to spindle 230mm
Overhang 15 ±2mm
Tracking error +2° to 1° 21′
Needle pressure range 0 to 5g (0.25g step)
VTA elevation range 0 to 10mm
Cartridge/shell balance range 6 to 38.5g
Headshell weight 16.45g
Weight AC 120V, 60Hz
Weight AC 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Power consumption 8W (standby 0.4W)
Base unit  
Overall dimensions (W×H×D) 497 × 215 × 436mm / 19.6” × 8.5” × 17.2” (including protrusions)
Weight 17kg / 37.5 lb.
Overall dimensions (Diameter × Height) ø315.4 × 103mm / ø12.4” × 4.1”
Weight 19kg / 41.9 lb.
Motor unit  
Overall dimensions (W×H×D) 180 × 137 × 450mm / 7.1” × 5.4” × 17.7” (including protrusions)
Weight 9kg / 19.9 lb.
Power supply unit  
Overall dimensions (W×H×D) 445 × 131 × 370mm / 17.5” × 5.2” × 14.6” (including protrusions)
Weight 18kg / 39.7 lb.
Included accessories  
  Installing tools
 Spacer block × 1
 Height check guage × 1
 Install guide rail (L) × 1
 Install guide rail (R) × 1
 Main unit protection cover × 1
Turntable sheet × 1
DC power cord× 1
Power cord × 1
Felt mats (for power supply unit)
Handles × 2
Owner’s manual × 1
Tone arm TA-9D × 1 (not available on the tone arm less model)
Owner’s manual for TA-9D × 1(not available on the tone arm less model)
Arm base × 1(not available on the tone arm less model)

* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.



Grandioso T1
Grandioso T1


Grandioso T1
Grandioso T1

units: mm / inch


Foot positions

Grandioso T1
Grandioso T1
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