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Esoteric Grandioso PS1 Power Supply

Esoteric Grandioso PS1 Power Supply

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Introducing an External High-Performance Power Supply specially designed for exclusive use with the Grandioso K1X or K1X SE

Grandioso PS1
Representing a new milestone in ESOTERIC’s pursuit of ultimate sound quality.

Introduced in 2019, the Grandioso P1X/D1X is an unparalleled Super Audio CD player featuring a four-unit chassis construction that embodies the ultimate in ESOTERIC acoustic engineering expertise. The Grandioso K1X released soon after successfully combines ESOTERIC’s two most innovative P1X/D1X technologies—its VRDS-ATLAS transport mechanism and Master Sound Discrete DAC—into a single chassis design that delivers an uncompromising response to customer requests for superior sound quality in a more compact configuration, and further enhances ESOTERIC’s sterling reputation as an industry leader.


The new PS1 is a high-performance external power supply that has been specially designed for use with the K1X Super Audio CD Player. While the K1X’s integrated design offers excellent space-saving characteristics, to obtain closer level of performance as ESOTERIC’s top-of-the-line P1X/D1X, development was focused on providing a never before seen level of scalability. Then, in the process of evaluating the K1X’s development, a new idea was hatched: Develop a high-performance external power supply that could deliver even greater enhancements to the K1X’s superb sound quality. As a result, the Grandioso PS1 development project was officially launched. The project resulted in a high-performance power supply that optimizes the performance of the K1X’s VRDS-ATLAS CD transport and Master Sound Discrete DAC, while providing further enhancements to its already breathtakingly realistic audio playback, thus making it feel as if one is experiencing a live performance.

Four Powerful Independent Power Transformers

Specially designed as a high-performance external power supply for the Grandioso K1X’s analog circuits (D/A converter module), the Grandioso PS1 features four powerful independent power transformers. Normally, the K1X’s analog front (D/A section) and rear (buffer amplifier section) circuits are driven by one power transformer for each channel. However, when the PS1 is connected, the power transformers for the D/A section and buffer amplifier section are separated for an enhanced high-performance design that features two transformers per channel. This provides clearer separation between analog and digital signals that eliminates mutual interference. The virtual doubling of the power supply circuit also ensures an ample supply of DC power for richer tone quality and noticeable improvements in the signal-to-noise level.

Grandioso PS1
Significant Reductions in Audio Circuit Vibration and Magnetic Flux Leakage

The benefits of connecting the PS1 to the K1X extend beyond a mere increase in the scale of the analog circuit (D/A converter module) power supply from two transformers to four. By shutting down the K1X’s two analog circuit power transformers, the influence of transformer vibration and magnetic flux leakage on the analog circuits is also greatly reduced, thus enabling further improvements to overall sound quality.

Enhanced Digital/Analog Separation in a Fully Optimized Power Supply

When the PS1 is connected to the K1X, the two transformers that normally power the K1X’s analog circuits shut down. However, its two remaining transformers (powering the K1X’s digital circuits and mechanical components) continue to operate. In other words, the digital and analog power supplies are effectively separated by supplying high-quality analog DC power from a separate unit and using the K1X’s internal power supply to drive its digital circuits alone. This enables more complete isolation of the analog circuits, resulting in vastly improved sound quality.

High-Rigidity Chassis Construction
Grandioso PS1

As components, power transformers inherently tend to generate significant amounts of vibration. Because the PS1 has four built-in transformers, special emphasis was placed on its design and chassis construction in order to both minimize vibration and maintain the highest possible sound quality. The enclosure’s lower chassis, into which all its major electrical components are installed, utilizes a dual-layer structure that positions the power transformers and other components on separate, isolated layers to minimize electrical and vibration-related interference between components. Furthermore, its high-rigidity enclosure is constructed of thick, heavyweight aluminum panels, and combines with ESOTERIC’s proprietary pinpoint feet (patent numbers JP4075477 and JP3778108) to minimize, if not eliminate, micro-vibrations that can adversely affect sound quality.

Ultra-Thick DC Cables Ensure the Ultimate in Sound Quality
Grandioso PS1

The PS1’s independent left and right outputs include large, highly reliable die-cast aluminum connectors like those currently in use in the DC power supplies for the P1X, D1X, C1X and other fine ESOTERIC products, and one pair of ultra-thick DC cables (1.0m × 2) for the ultimate in sound quality.

Spec description

Operating Power AC 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz
  AC 120V, 60Hz
  AC 220V, 60Hz
Power Consumption 17W
External dimensions (W×H×D) 445 × 132 × 452mm (including protrusions)
Weight 23.7kg
Included accessories AC power cord × 1
DC power cords × 2
Owner's manual × 1
Warranty card × 1

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